My Witness Listening Guide

Episode 2: “Teachers, True Role Models”

Interviewer: Isabella Killius (Hume Fogg High School)

Interviewee: Ola Hudson (Former Educator, Policy Maker)




1.)  Do you remember your first experience of learning about racism? What did it feel like then? What does it feel like now?




2.)  Describe the role of policy-making in education.




3.)  Mrs. Hudson describes working with students who struggled with positive behavior in school and then she explains that these students helped shape her philosophy on teaching. What do you think these students really needed? Why is it important to give students like this a chance?




4.)  Describe the level of diversity at your current school or the schools you attended. Did you witness or experience an “integrative moment” or season when students came together despite their differences? What was that like? Was there any backlash?




5.)  Mrs. Hudson talks about how you can now “hardly afford to live in Nashville”. Do you think this is true? Where do you see the state of Nashville housing heading in the next 5 years? 10 years? 50 years?





6.)  Do you think home economics and family studies is an important area of study? Why do you think it has lost popularity in schools in recent years?