My Witness Listening Guide

Episode 3: “The Reluctant Desegregation of Nashville Public Schools

Interviewer: Cassius Hawkins (Overton High School)

Interviewee: Canzada Hawkins (Daughter of A.Z. Kelley, Sr. /

community advocate)


1.) Describe your reaction to the level of commitment Mrs. Hawkins’ family had to school integration. What do you think would be most challenging in fighting this cause as a family?


2.) Mrs. Hawkins talks about being bullied at school. Describe your feelings toward the issue of bullying in schools and how we can address this as a community.


3.) Mrs. Hawkins explains her view on the term “Black History”, stating, “History is history. We don’t say, ‘White History’, do we?”. How do you think our nation falls short of honoring minority history and/or holidays, if at all?


4.) When Cassius asked Mrs. Hawkins if she would go back and change anything about her past, she said she would be a man due to limitations in traditional female roles during that time era. Can you relate to this statement? How has the role of women changed in the last 50 years in our culture, if at all? What about with regard to leadership?


5.) Mrs. Hawkins states that, “Love has no color.” Growing up, how would your family respond if you participated in interracial dating relationships? Would this be a conflict in your home? Why or why not? Would it look any different now? If so, why? What has changed?


6.) Despite public opinion, racism has not gone away in our country. Cassius proves this point further when he states that racism still exists in his school and community today. How is racism different today? How are we approaching the issue as a community and nation?