My Witness Listening Guide

Episode 8: “How Artists Contribute to Conversations About Civil Rights”

Interviewer: Genevieve Jean-Pierre (MLK Jr. High School)

Interviewee: Walter Hood (Artist of Witness Walls)



1.)  Mr. Hood talks about neighborhoods being segregated when he was a kid. Are neighborhoods still segregated in our community? If so, why? How can we work to integrate neighborhoods in Nashville?




2.)  In the interview, Genevieve asks if Mr. Hood gains inspiration from nature for his artwork. Imagine you were creating artwork for the Nashville community. What pieces of nature would inspire you in your artistic expression and why?



3.)  Mr. Hood talks about the experiment of diversity. What does diversity mean to you? What does diversity look like in Nashville? Is it important? Why or why not?



4.)  Discuss your favorite artwork in Nashville and why it stands out to you.




5.)  Discuss the role of art in telling a story. How does art help give words to

important narratives in our history?




6.)  Mr. Hood discusses the importance of Witness Walls being a space for reflection. What does personal reflection look like for you? Why is reflection an important component of understanding history?