My Witness Listening Guide

Episode 6: “If You Can’t Tell Them Why You Are Marching Get Out of the Line

Interviewer: Gabby Depalo  (Hume-Fogg High School Alum)

Interviewee: Vencen Horsley (Former Foot Soldier, Freedom Rider)



1.)  Mr. Horsley talked about being considered a leader in the Nashville Movement before he even called himself a leader. What does it take to be a true leader? Have you ever experienced a time where you became a leader unintentionally? What did that feel like?



2.)  Mr. Horsley describes 1961 as a “quiet period” while students and protesters were organizing for future protests. What do you think would have happened without this quiet period of planning? Do you see any similarities then and now?



3.)  Mr. Horsley talks about Church Street being called “Bloody Street” in the 1960’s due to all the violence that took place there at that time. Compare and contrast Church Street then and now. (This is where the Downtown Library is, for reference).



4.)  Describe how you would have felt in Mr. Horsley’s shoes when you realized urine was poured on you while marching.



5.)  Gabby describes how the Civil Rights Movement was done with great integrity and purpose. Where do you see integrity and purpose in our nation in 2017? How can we achieve more of this?




6.)  Mr. Horsley challenges Gabby, and all of us, really, to find what we are passionate about in the realm of social justice. In his own words, he asks,  “What is it that you feel is not right or unfair and how

(are you) going to make a difference in that? Discuss your answers to this question, thinking in terms of the world, the nation, and the Nashville community.