My Witness Listening Guide

Episode 1: “The Most Successful Civil Rights Movement”

Interviewer: Westley Dunn (Hillsboro High School)

Interviewee: Linda Wynn (Fisk University, TN Historical Commission)



1.)  Have you ever heard any of the names of the 7 Nashville Civil Rights Movement leaders mentioned by Ms. Wynn? Why is it important to learn about local leaders of the Movement?



2.)  Describe a time in your life when those in positions of authority stood between you, or your community, and justice.



3.)  Ms. Wynn states that Freedom Riders sometimes signed their wills before participating. What do you think allowed the protestors to have such firm commitment and resolve? Is there any cause you would be willing to fight for with that level of commitment?



4.)  Ms. Wynn talks about nonviolence as the answer to conflict resolution. How was nonviolence during the Movement an effective strategy? Is this still an effective strategy today?



5.)  Westley asks Ms. Wynn to compare the Civil Rights Movement to the current Black Lives Matter Movement. How are these Movements similar? How are they different?



6.)  Does Nashville still have the capacity and power to become a leader for social justice movements? Why or why not?