We sit.

Interview someone from your community.

We ask questions.

Dig up the stories in your own backyard.

We listen

Because listening is everything.

With your donation, you give life to Nashville stories and to our youth. To make an online gift, click the highlighted link below:

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Want to volunteer with One Voice Nashville?

There are currently 3 major ways to volunteer!

1. Become a story ambassador.

Help spread the mission and story of One Voice Nashville at local festivals and outings. One Voice Nashville needs friendly faces to recruit volunteers at events as well as hosting a few events of our own! Contact Mary Margaret for more information!


2. Become a story partner.

As part of the One Voice Nashville program, students conduct “Story Sessions” where students are paired up one-on-one with a community member. All students pick a topic or theme they want to focus on. Past  fields of interest have been representatives from the following: Gallery Luperca in East Nashville, Ryman Auditorium, Vanderbilt Neurosurgery, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Singer/Songwriter Vanita Joins-Gomez, and author Amy Lyles Wilson.

And sometimes, this is someone who is at least 30 years older than the student. (This will most likely fall between ages 44 and up). The reason we create this intentional age gap is to create an intergenerational conversation that simply does not happen enough. We all have something to learn from other generations, and this opportunity is where students discover that firsthand.

Each story session will be recorded (only in audio form) and dependent on the program, will take about 20 minutes each. For each session, students will have a different prompt such as, “Tell me about your first job.” Or, “What was your favorite childhood food?”

Contact Mary Margaret for more informtion!

3. Become a story collector.

Do you enjoy asking questions and listening? Or do you want to improve your listening skills? This may be the perfect opportunity for you! One Voice Nashville will conduct ongoing trainings to place interviewers out in the community to capture stories. Example locations may include family reunions, nursing homes, or festivals.

The stories that you capture as a trained volunteer will be recorded (only in audio form) and you will have the option to edit them if you would like or you can simply send them back in raw (unedited) form. Contact Mary Margaret for more information!